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Welcome to Kava Collective!

Find Kava Bars

Guide to Bula

Kava Collective was made to give consumers easier access to the kava bars in their area.  Use our map to find Kava bars you've already visited, or find a new spot you didn't even know about!


Find Community Events

In the Kava Community

Kava Collective give you the ability to see what events are going on at your favorite Kava bars.  From Trivia to Kava Pong, there's something for everybody.

Live Chat:

Find what kava bars your friends are at!

One of the prized features of Kava Collective is the ability to go into live group chats for each Kava Bar associated with us.  Find out where your friends are, or find out what events with Live Chat.  Powered By Discord.

Growth in the Kava Community

Kava Collective is a dynamic organization that serves as a catalyst for growth within the kava community. With a strong commitment to empowering individuals and fostering a thriving kava culture, they play a vital role in advancing the understanding, accessibility, and appreciation of kava worldwide.

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