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Our Mission at Kava Collective is to make the kava community easier to access, both newcomers and veterans of the community.  With the Kava Collective, you'll always find a place to kick back and bula!

What is Kava collective?

Such a collective serves as a resource for kava enthusiasts to find and discover kava bars in their area. By providing a comprehensive map or directory, Kava Collective makes it easier for people to locate nearby kava bars and explore new venues. This can be particularly helpful for individuals who are traveling or new to an area and are interested in experiencing the kava culture.

In addition to mapping out kava bar locations, Kava Collective also has social networks and community platforms for kava enthusiasts to connect with each other. This could include online forums, discussion groups, or even organizing meetups and events at local kava bars. The collective provides a space for individuals to share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and build relationships centered around their shared interest in kava.


Our Vision is to create a central hub for all kava enthusiasts to enjoy and share their favorite drinks, locations, and experiences.  We plan to have as many kava bars as possible on our map, as well as menus and online ordering for each participating retailer.  Join Kava collective today for a new resource you never knew you needed!

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